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Blind Recruitment

Smart companies agree that recruiting for diversity makes good business sense in a competitive market. They understand that diversity in the workforce boosts productivity, promotes creativity, and inspires innovation.

When recruiting for diversity, we all prefer to think of ourselves as fair, unbiased, and open-minded in our decision-making process. But we’re only human, and in fact, our brains are biologically ‘wired’ to make biased decisions. It’s unavoidable. So simply deciding to be more open to diverse candidates won’t work – not without the right process and infrastructure.

So how do you ensure that your recruitment campaign avoids recruiter bias and adheres to a best-practice, diversity-focused methodology?

Blind Recruitment is the answer.

Blind Recruitment removes unconscious bias from the hiring process.

Research has shown that a person’s name, address, and even which university they attended, can influence how recruiters interpret their suitability for a role. Blind Recruitment removes identifiable information from CVs and applications, thereby minimising the impact this information has on recruitment decisions.

Testgrid offers differing levels of blind recruitment solutions depending on your organisation’s diversity objectives:

  1. Name-Blind: This simple blind recruitment process removes applicant names only, retaining all other information.
  2. Demographic-Blind: This multi-layer approach removes any number of additional identifying layers, such as residential address, school and university names, and names of previous and current employers.

Our Blind Recruitment process allows you to focus only on the objective, performance-predictive variables of an applicant’s background such as skills and qualifications. It eliminates the risk of your recruitment team being unconsciously influenced by factors that don’t scientifically (or legally) justify progressing the candidate to the next round of the recruitment process.

The Benefits of Blind Recruitment:

  1. Discrimination: Eliminate virtually all the effects of unconscious bias in the early stages of the recruitment process, to allow for more diverse candidates to reach the shortlist.
  2. Candidate experience: Candidates feel reassured when the selection process is fair and equal to everyone and not impacted by subjective factors, but based on objective data only.
  3. Smart hiring: Selecting candidates solely on their actual achievements, qualifications, and skill-sets, ensures that the best talent is selected, irrespective of their gender, race, or socio-economic status.
  4. Diversity: Hiring from the same universities or industries, or the same geographical areas, leads to a homogenised workforce that looks and thinks the same, and is not representative of the wider community. Blind recruitment improves diversity of skills and talent entering your organisation, leading to improvements in productivity, innovation, and profitability.
  5. Brand recognition: Organisations that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, through tangible initiatives such as blind recruitment, are more likely to attract high quality talent and become an employer-of-choice in the marketplace.