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Healthcare is booming – but does your organisation have the tools to recruit top talent?

The healthcare, medical, aged care, and social assistance industry in Australia is booming. In March 2017, figures for SEEK job listings for this sector were up by 17% according a recent article.

It’s a steadily growing boom in an industry that employs over 1.5 million people – or about one in every eight working Australians – a significant segment of the workforce.  

The challenges of hiring in a booming industry.

Contributing economic drivers to the healthcare boom include growing prosperity, advances in medical sciences, and the ageing of our population. Older people consume more healthcare and social assistance services, and the baby boomer generation has more to spend on the latest healthcare advances.

However, hiring in a booming industry has its own challenges – the most significant being skills shortages in critical roles such as aged care nursing, along with the added challenge of landing of top talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

“…Many residential aged care facilities are reporting skills shortages across a range of direct care occupations. Within residential aged care facilities, skills shortages are the greatest for registered nurses, with over 62% of all facilities reporting a skills shortage.”

“…The top three reasons given by surveyed facilities for the skills shortage include: (1) a lack of specialist knowledge; (2) geographic location of facility; and (3) recruitment too slow.” – Source: Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Economic Contribution and Future Directions, Deloitte Access Economics, June 2016.

For the healthcare sector it’s a perfect storm. Combine the scarcity of top talent to begin with, add slow out-dated recruitment processes, and also Australia’s obvious geographic challenges – and you have a very tight recruitment market for skilled healthcare providers.

The question then remains: how do healthcare organisations get the ‘edge’ on recruiting top talent?

Recruitment and Testing for the healthcare sector.

When recruiting talent for healthcare roles such as aged care or remote healthcare, skill-based and competency factors are obviously important but the integrity of a candidate is also critical. It takes a special kind of person with high integrity to work in the healthcare sector – but how do we accurately identify these qualities in a candidate – and then get them on board quickly?

The answer is online recruitment and development testing customised to your organisation’s unique requirements and culture.

Testing plays a key role in identifying, hiring, and retaining these very special candidates. Tests for emotional intelligence, behaviour assessments, and integrity testing are just a few of the “must have” tests for healthcare recruitment.

But testing doesn’t finish when the recruitment campaign is over.

Ongoing testing programs help promote a safer and happier workplace by positively affecting workplace safety, culture, role fit, motivation, productivity, and patient satisfaction.

Ready to take your healthcare recruitment to the next level?

Testgrid provides a wide range of customised testing solutions and assessments for healthcare candidates:

  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Behavioural Assessment and Competency Assessments
  • Business Reasoning Assessments
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation Testing and Assessment
  • Integrity Assessments
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Scenario-Based Assessments
  • Verbal Reasoning

    We’ll help you quickly identify those candidates who are the best cultural and role fit to ensure they’ll exemplify the highest values of your healthcare organisation.

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