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There's something in the Testgrid water...

Be careful where you drink from!

This year alone, we have welcomed 5 new babies to the Testgrid family. One of our key values and objectives is creating a flexible workplace that supports people’s different lifestyles and interests. We find this is particularly important for parents who are juggling home and work commitments. Our people work when, where and how they want, and sleep-deprivation competitions are a real thing in our office!

"Having recently become a foster parent, the flexibility that Testgrid gives allows me to support our new family and I am so grateful for Testgrid extending the same benefits to me as a foster carer.  Without this attitude and support we would not be able to help the babies and families most at need in the community." - Will Ainsley, Customer Success Manager

The benefits of workplace flexibility

Workplace flexibility and family-friendly workplaces come in many forms, from compressed work weeks and job sharing, to telecommuting and unplanned leave. Research shows that employees are healthier, experience less stress and are more productive and engaged when they make choices about how, where, and when they work. Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports that 43% of employees prefer flexibility over a pay rise.

"Testgrid's amazing workplace flexibility means that I have the option to work from home, around my work commitments, so I can be there for the amazing moments in my daughter’s life. I can be home to take part in the madness that is dinner time and bath time, and I can be there to put her to bed at night. All without having to worry about whether or not my work and career are being impacted." - Edward Goonan, Product Owner

Employees have also been shown to be happier and more productive when working flexibly. People working from home achieve a 13% productivity improvement. Companies who offer flexible working arrangements are much more likely to attract and retain talent, than those who insist on the traditional 9 to 5 office model.

"One of my favourite things about Testgrid is how family friendly it is. On the odd occasion when I’ve received a call from my daughter’s day-care to pick her up due to illness, I have been able to drop everything and leave to attend to her needs. No questions asked by Testgrid, but this would have been frowned upon by previous employers.” – Navina Joseph, Strategic Account Manager

In addition to employee-related benefits, flexibility is a smart business decision too! Large organisations can save $350,000 per year on hiring costs, through a flexible workplace technology policy.

“Whilst my children are now in high school and I don’t need to be as hands on as when they were little, I really appreciate the flexible working arrangements at Testgrid so I can be around to get them to their sporting activities, work commitments and support them with their studies.” – Linda Boatman, Finance Marketing & Administration Lead

“Testgrid’s flexibility & support have been amazing and certainly help make the sleepless nights a lot more manageable!” – Stuart Boyd, National Account Executive

One of the most important factors determining the success of your workplace flexibility initiatives is flexibility champions. In companies that engage in basic flexi practices, which are often informal in nature, HR are the main driver of flexible working. Companies with embedded flexi practices, often more formalised initiatives, have the leadership as champions of flexible working. At Testgrid, our Managing Director, Gerard Ward, sets a great example for flexibility by working a 4.5 day week, to enable him to spend Friday afternoons with his kids.