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Why online testing is more like chess than checkers

You have a choice with online psychometric testing and development. You can be seen to be doing the right thing or you can actually do the right thing. It all comes down to your choice of online test providers. Most focus on selling tests alone, others focus on promoting the benefits of selling the data they have collected from their clients. For the most part, online test providers are not doing as much for their clients as they could be. They are not as discerning in the test choices as they should be. They are not thinking about what their clients can achieve with their test results. Then there is Testgrid. Testgrid’s approach is different. They don’t see testing as an isolated task. They see it as a small part of a larger, more important picture. Testgrid have even spent 3 years of research and development on what is arguably the most powerful, advanced and effective online psychometric testing and development in the world. They have done so with a single goal in mind; to provide their clients with a competitive talent management solution that helps them stay 3 steps ahead of their opposition. Think of it as playing chess, when your competitors as still playing checkers.