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Vacation Recruits - Possibly Your Greatest Asset?

Most businesses have limited budgets for vacation recruitment, and so in tough times the vacation recruitment program is the first to be cut from the budget. However, have you considered that your vacation recruits will eventually become future graduates and possibly even talented and loyal employees?

Your vacation recruits may be an untapped goldmine of potential.

The shift in how we see vacation recruitment is a critical and powerful cross-industry trend happening right now - and smart companies and clever organizations are ahead of the curve. They understand that vacation recruits have the potential to save you time and money in the long run because when these recruits turn into future graduates you benefit by:

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Lowered on-boarding costs
  • Increased loyalty and improved retention
  • Gaining the competitive edge for top talent

How do you ensure you get the right talent for your vacation recruitment program?

Testgrid can help you recruit the right people for your vacation program, the people that have the potential and capability to fill your future graduate roles. We provide a customised and cost-effective solution to secure top talent ahead of your competitors and thus saving you time and money - and most critically ensuring positive business growth.

Psychometric testing, skills and competency assessments.

Our testing and assessment products are customised to your specific needs and requirements – with a keen eye on finding the untapped potential in highly talented individuals. Psychometric and aptitude tests are a fast and affordable way to discover the best talent and identify those recruits with the “right stuff” to become valuable assets to your company.

Our testing and assessment expertise helps build your future.

At Testgrid we’re experts in helping our clients to discover the potential of candidates. With over 15 years experience we’ll help identify the right candidates to lead your company into the future. Contact us for more information.