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Optimise the skills of your staff with 360-Degree Feedback

Often the key to improving profitability and efficiency is right under our noses. You don’t need to downsize or restructure but rather rethink and optimise your current team. A customised 360-Degree Feedback program will help you get incredible insights into your staff, grow your business, and improve all-round performance and productivity.

Optimise the skills of your staff with 360-Degree Feedback

A lot of businesses hire people to do a job then leave them to it. That’s a huge waste of time and money – not to mention the risks involved. Yet you have an incredible resource right at hand - the people within your organization who work at the “coal face” of your business everyday.

The beauty of 360-Degree Feedback is that it provides a ‘safe’ environment and a constructive framework to allow people’s voices to be heard while at the same time investing in their own success and that of the business.

They can provide positive and constructive feedback on how to make improvements you may never have thought of, and in the process you’ll improve workplace culture and increase employee engagement and ownership. Everybody wins.

360-Degree Feedback will improve your bottom line

The 360 Degree Feedback program gives multi-rater feedback. It uncovers behavioural traits your employee’s might not have been aware they had - boosting continuous improvement and engagement.

Additional to this incredible insight, 360 Degree Feedback will allow your team to:

  • Build on current strengths
  • Develop new skills in a supporting environment
  • Highlight individual strengths
  • Construct dynamic custom training plans

360 Degree Feedback has low-impact implementation

When you decide to implement a 360 Degree Feedback program you won’t have to stop what you’re doing. Unlike other review processes it fits seamlessly into your everyday tasks.

Using the insight you gain, the following 12 months are the time to implement what you’ve learnt. “Strike while the iron is hot” to provide a happier, more engaged workforce - ultimately leading to improved profits as productivity increases.

Contact us for more information on your customised 360 Degree Program

Testgrid’s 360 Degree Feedback program is customised to meet the needs of your organisation. There’s no one size fits all! That’s why the insights it provides are so powerful. Contact us today!