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Walking the talk on Gender Diversity

At Testgrid, we are proud of our commitment to always facilitate the most valid, fair and objective selection and recruitment of candidates.

This is why we remain agnostic in our approach to assessments and endeavour to find the most appropriate solution for each individual client.

As part of our quest to do better, we continue to deliver new and improved ways of ensuring diversity is considered during candidate selection and testing.

Introducing Gender Specific Norm Groups

Our latest offering is gender specific norm groups – We now offer gender norms for your cognitive tests to ensure that your candidates’ performance is compared against the right population and that your candidates are not being in any way disadvantaged.

Norms provide a basis for evaluating an individual’s score, relative to the scores of other individuals who took the same assessment. Raw scores tell us little about how one individual has performed against another. In order to understand their performance in a more meaningful way, it’s important to compare their score against a specifically defined norm group.

With a continued effort in most organisations, to meet 50:50 gender targets, gender norms allow for all females to be compared against other females’ performance and for all males to be compared against other males’ performance, therefore facilitating more effective and efficient gender-fair recruitment.

Contact us now to have gender norms enabled in your account today, or for a limited free consultation with our organisational psychologists on the suitability of gender norms for your recruitment process.