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Attracting First-Class Graduates During a Government Hiring Freeze

Recruiting top-tier graduates is the end-goal for all companies looking to strengthen their talent pool, Government included. Graduate opportunities need to be attractive, competitive and relevant to the current economic environment.

After the restrictive experiences of 2014, looking to 2015, what do Government recruiters need to be prepared for in your quest to capture the best graduate talent?

Ensure your message is loud and clear

While budget cuts have lead to a reduction in Australian Public Service (APS) staffing levels, there are still excellent opportunities for Graduates.

Government graduate roles, have been capped to minimise the engagement of new staff, however, the graduate programs are still in place and offer excellent career opportunities: You just need to be able to turn up the volume on that message!

Graduate opportunities are not frozen

Graduates may think twice before lodging applications with the APS due to APS redundancies and budget cuts. How do you combat these concerns?

Reinforcing the benefits of your programs, such as career and skills advancement, is still a strong draw-card. Standard entry to the APS might have a hiring freeze, but the opportunities for graduates have never been greater.

In a leaner APS, graduates could find their feet sooner, and shine brighter, than previous graduate intakes.

Reaching out to your graduate candidates

The reality of budget cuts means it will be harder for Government recruiters to travel to careers fairs and university campuses.

Meeting graduate candidates to market the benefits of Government graduate programs is important, but if budget doesn’t allow for this, then what are your options?

Another growing concern in 2015 revolves around the potential reduction of graduate recruitment resources. Without the resources to attract, train, retain and grow your staff, a majority of bulk recruitment is at risk of becoming seasonal and entry-level.

What’s the solution?

Talk to us! At Testgrid, we have a dedicated Government account manager who can help guide you through the whitewater of the upcoming graduate recruitment season.

Specialists in graduate recruitment development and retention, our experts can share innovative ideas and strategies to attract and keep your graduate talent! Contact us today!