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Gender Discrimination Still Exists

It’s hard to believe in this day and age but gender equality is still not as widely accepted as cultural equality in Australia. Significant progress has been made in recent years but the gap between men and women is still an issue. And it’s damaging our economy.

However, there are simple ways to ensure that your organization achieves gender equality while also improving productivity and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Gender equality means equal rights for men and women.

The goal of gender equality in the workplace is simple: provide equal opportunity for both women and men. You might think that’s a ‘given’ in today’s world but you’d be surprised.

In a recent report by Diversity Council Australia into the culture of ASX 200 listed business leaders it was found that:

  • Only 12% of company directors are women
  • 97% of chairs were men
  • Only 3.5% of CEO’s are women

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) roughly 50% of the population are women, and yet if you compare that figure to the numbers above the inequality is staggering.

To achieve gender diversity your business needs to:

  • Use high quality behavioural and aptitude testing when on-boarding new talent to ensure new candidates are hired as a result of a fair and equitable process
  • Provide equal remuneration for both men and women when they do the same work or act in similar roles
  • Prevent barriers to entry, or equal participation, for women in the workplace
  • Comprehensive access to all occupations, including leadership positions for men and women
  • Prevent gender discrimination - especially when related to family and care-giving responsibilities for both men and women

Gender equality and diversity improves the bottom line.

If your business practices healthy gender equality you’ll be more attractive as a prospective employer. That means at hiring time your talent pool is much improved and you will attract better talent. A fair and balanced workplace often reduces employee turnover and improves loyalty and retention. That in turn reduces your operating costs significantly.

One of the best ways to ensure each new employee comes on board as a result of their skills and talent – and not their gender – is to embrace behavioural and aptitude testing. Well-designed psychometric tests eliminate any unconscious or conscious bias during the recruitment process to ensure a fair and objective result.

Testing creates a level playing field for men and women and takes any risk of bias out of the equation – not only resulting in equality and diversity, but also ensuring you get the very best talent for the job, regardless of gender. It’s a win-win for your organisation’s culture and also for business growth.

Learn how improving gender equality will help productivity and growth.

Testgrid can work with you to provide candidate testing to ensure that your workplace attracts the best talent regardless of gender. Contact us today and start improving your profitability!

To find out more about equality in the workplace you can read about the law governing the provision of gender equality: The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012