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Know the Best When You See It: Government Graduate Jobs

The graduate recruitment race: how to spot quality candidates.

The graduate recruitment season has well and truly kicked-off and now is the time for the private and public sectors to cherry pick key candidates. As the only independent provider in the market, Testgrid can help you identify the cream of the crop of graduate talent.

It's going to be a buyer’s choice this year, because the competitive market has restricted the number of public sector positions on offer to an increased number of available graduates.

How to separate the wheat from the chaff

The over supply of talent might look good on face value, but the number of applicants available means little without the ability to capture the right graduates effectively. It's a matter of quality over quantity, and you want quality.

The interim recruiting arrangements within the Australian Public Service (APS) present some serious challenges:

  1. Sourcing high quality graduate candidates (minor challenge);
  2. Employing a more efficient and improved quality assessment of these applicants to ensure you capture the right people for the right roles (major challenge).

How we can help you tailor the recruitment process to your needs:

Reduce your investment. We'll tailor our efficient and time-saving process to suit your exact public sector agency needs
Accelerate and advance your recruitment process to help position your agency to make offers to top shelf graduates
Remain competitive with the private sector in capturing best-fit applicants

Ensuring right-fit candidates is what we do best, and with top-quality graduates in the marketplace, we can assist your goals to advance your department with outstanding talent.

Independent, innovative and impartial.

As the only independent provider in the market, we’re able to claim a freedom and impartiality unavailable to other online test providers. There is no hidden agenda when you partner with Testgrid. Our goals are fully aligned with your desired outcomes.

We only recommend the best fit psychometric solutions for your requirements. Our priority is always the big picture, and that means our clients.

Our focus is to deliver what you want to achieve with your test results, not on selling specific tests or data. Our number one priority is to provide you with a competitive high quality talent management solution.

Let us help

Testgrid specialises in making your graduate recruitment process efficient, effective and enjoyable for you and your candidates. We have over 14 years experience in the Government assessment and testing industry, we have the largest bank of norms including government graduate, plus in-house experts, in custom process design to ensure you achieve your targeted outcomes.

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