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Got Graduates? Now What?

The new year usually means new graduate recruits, freshly emerged from their academic cocoons, are turning up in businesses across Australia.

Driven, talented, focussed and ambitious—whatever the quality was that made them stand out from the pack – they now need to be given direction, developed to their fullest potential, and their goals need to align with your company's own.

Ensure you're both making a good impression

First impressions count. Not just the recruit's impression on you, but also your impression on them.

Over the first 90 days in a graduate recruitment program, a graduate's confidence in your company will either be confirmed or lost. Thus it is critical to have a clearly defined job structure to engage them with the company's values, vision and culture from the outset.

Start as you will continue. Sounds simple enough and it is with a tailored onboarding process.

Onboarding for success

There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' when it comes to finding and developing your top graduate recruits. When you need to identify the essential traits, values and skills that are to be nurtured, a tailored program is the answer.

Tailored, robust and reliable assessments can save you time and money as issues such as behavioural traits and cultural considerations can be taken into account prior to the development of ongoing training.

How to get the most out of graduate recruits

When you recruit intelligent, driven graduates you need to be able to engage and support their development. Today's graduates need to be adaptive to the ever-changing business world, to learn leadership skills to meet the demands of multinational markets and to refine their skills to meet market requirements.

How can businesses identify these character traits that often lie hidden behind a stellar academic record or smooth professional persona? The answer is in robust and comprehensive assessments and testing.

Know what makes your graduate recruits tick

Tailored psychometric testing and assessments can help you identify desirable traits such as:

  • Desire to succeed when challenged
  • What makes your recruits get out of bed in the morning
  • Willingness to learn and develop
  • Interest and passion for your industry
  • Ability to be a flexible part of a team
  • Maintaining work-life balance by having a life outside of work

Designing a tailored development framework 

Working with Testgrid, we can help you achieve this alignment in various ways.

We can offer coaching your graduate in a one-on-one coaching scenario, or we can support your HR team by holding workshops to improve coaching skills of your graduate development team. 

Performance reviews should be central to your program

A good development plan needs to include reviews and feedback at regular intervals to ensure both your graduate is thriving and moving in the right direction. By undertaking regular analysis of the strengths and future development areas for each graduate you will ensure you graduate recruitment and development process remains relevant and current.

Whether you feel more at home with 180 or 360 review processes we can help you to   get the most out of your graduates and keep them, and your organisation, on the road to success.

Design development plans around your goals

At Testgrid, we tailor our assessments so that you receive high quality and cost effective results. We have the experience, professionalism and understanding to deliver the best possible outcome for your graduate recruitment drive. That’s what working with Testgrid is all about.

Call us today and discover our innovative ideas and strategies to keep your graduate talent growing in the right direction!

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