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Seeking Outstanding Graduates For Government Roles?

If you’re an APS recruiter, you know that capturing the best graduate candidates is more challenging than ever.

To remain competitive under the APSC Cap you must attract, capture and hold your ideal graduates. To do this, you must have a finely tuned recruitment strategy in place that includes holding onto desired graduates, without being able to make an offer for extended periods.

Showcasing the best the APS has to offer

Most graduates understand that downsizing means there are fewer roles on offer. However, these cutbacks have also resulted in misperceptions about government career opportunities, which may include:

  • possible restraints on career progression and opportunities within APS government departments
  • limited pay increases and potential changes to conditions of service
  • entry level positions being the only entry points to APS employment
  • possible changes to superannuation
  • savvy graduates looking elsewhere for better opportunities.

But there is an upside for APS recruiters!

It’s no secret the APS is working within a curtailed and closely monitored recruitment framework. However, there are certain factors that work in your favour in your search for outstanding graduates:

  • The APS offers one of the best gateways for graduates wanting a career in the public sector. Therefore, ambitious, career-minded candidates are likely to still compete for the limited vacancies for opportunities to start building their careers
  • Fewer roles usually result in higher competition for the opportunities. As recruiters, this means it’s likely you’ll be able to identify candidates who align with APS culture and values more easily as “square pegs in round holes” will stand out
  • Outstanding graduates from disparate fields of study offering a variety of expertise and skills will probably become more prominent in your candidate pools. This is due to a lack of the usual flood of applicants, allowing you a clearer view to identify the best candidates

How to capture top-class candidates

Whatever the effect on candidate applications, the desired end result is you hiring best fit graduates who will grow and strengthen your Department.

To identify these individuals, you need to implement a tailored recruitment strategy. When you only have a few roles open, you want to make sure you hire candidates that will exceed expectations.

So what should your recruitment strategy include?

Your message should be loud and clear

Clear, concise targeted messaging that reflects the call-to-service across all digital and traditional marketing channels will be a key factor in your strategy.

Have a clear picture of what your best-case graduate looks like on paper and in your mind.

Don’t restrict yourself to imagining their ideal skill set, or career trajectory: go further and detail what values, perception skills, leadership qualities or other internal traits your ideal graduate possesses and base your decision on merit.

Tailored assessment and testing

The more you know about who your ideal candidate is, the easier it is to capture them when they appear. Psychometric testing and tailored assessments can provide a great advantage when it comes down to choosing your new hires.

The testing and assessments can help identify:

  • What makes your candidates get out of bed in the morning?
  • How do they gauge success?
  • Do their values align with your Department’s culture?

When budgets and resources are tight, the best approach is to ensure your choice is the right choice

Designed to meet your requirements

We tailor our assessments so that you receive high quality, cost effective outcomes and an excellent return on investment for you and your Department.

At Testgrid, we have the experience, professionalism and understanding to deliver the best possible outcome for your graduate recruitment process. That’s what working with Testgrid is all about.

Testgrid: a trusted partner for your graduate needs

Our dedicated Canberra-based Account Executive, Paul Russell, has over 30 years of experience in the APS, including 25 years in the HR and graduate recruitment space.

Paul is a current member of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) and was previously the longest serving Chair of AAGE. So, when we develop a customised assessment package to target your graduates, you can rely on our APS experience, expertise and recommendations.

Paul will be at the AAGE Networking Lunch in Canberra on Thursday 29 January.

Give Paul a call to meet and discover our innovative ideas and strategies to attract and, more importantly, keep your graduate talent! Contact Paul on 0412 614 966, or call Testgrid on 1300 878 473.