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How to Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Streamlined recruitment processes are paramount to your business success. Well-organised, efficient and timely hiring processes save money, resources, and a lot of stress.

Imagine a hiring process that avoids the mountain of emails, calls and interviews?

By simply using current technology and new advances in recruitment processes, you can achieve a positive result without the usual headaches.

Steps to efficient recruitment

Recruitment takes time. There are mandatory steps involved in sorting through your candidate pool. However, there are ways to make it more efficient and effective by employing a streamlined approach: filtering your applicants prior to second and third rounds through testing and assessment.

Psychometric testing and assessment

Psychometric testing and assessment have become one of the cornerstones of efficient recruitment processes. Online testing can actually remove the need for time-consuming recruitment stages such as phone screening and stage 1 interviews.

Through testing we can help you filter candidates at an early stage, saving you significant investment in time and resources.

Identify your best candidates early on

Tailored testing and assessment can help recruiters understand candidate aptitudes in areas such as:

  • Communications
  • Desktop skills
  • Presentation
  • Administration

These results can help filter out unsuitable applicants prior to interview, improving your decision making ability, or the robustness of your recruitment process.

Use digital platforms to increase efficiency

Use the available tools! Recruitment technology has come a long way in the last few years. Video interviewing systems, like Vieple, are leading the way in changing recruitment processes. Vieple gives recruiters the freedom to pre-record their questions and have applicants answer them when they’re available.

Imagine the time saved for companies with 50 to 5000 employees?

Make a great first impression

The employment market has been difficult over the last few years and the competition for high-quality candidates is tough.

However, if you provide a positive and professional hiring experience, you'll boost your applicants confidence and they’ll feel that they’re in good hands.

Top candidates are in demand, and a slow and cumbersome recruitment process will ultimately fail to deliver the results you need.

Testgrid can help you with your recruitment strategy

At Testgrid, we can help streamline recruitment processes with testing, assessment and video interviewing.

We know recruitment is an ongoing exercise, which is why we offer recruiters an annual licence to our skills testing series of tests or video interviewing.

As market leaders in psychometric testing and assessment, our focus is to ensure our clients achieve superior results in areas such as recruitment and selection. Make sure you don't miss out on the best candidates in the marketplace.

Call us today and discover our innovative ideas and strategies to improve your recruitment strategies!