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Data Provides New Opportunities for Government

Due to tight budgets and limited resources, local government HR departments often struggle with critical decision-making around issues such as performance management, cultural diversity, enabling women leaders, conflict resolution and how to inspire a positive leadership culture.

The solution to these challenges lies in the smart use and analysis of well-collated human resources data

Robust data increases the ability to make informed talent management decisions and also improve workforce planning and in the end, overall customer satisfaction. When you are able to make intelligent decisions backed by solid data you lower risk and take the guesswork out of talent management.

Testgrid works with local government departments to utilise and analyse varied types of human resources data, including: demographic, psychometric, performance management, and customer satisfaction data – to name just a few -- to make intelligent talent management decisions.

Case Study: local government HR partners with Testgrid

Recently, a local Victorian city council partnered with the Testgrid team to deliver a battery of online assessments and organisational development solutions through a series of cognitive and behavioural testing, reports and accredited debriefs.

Working in collaboration with Testgrid, the HR department identified a need to engage deeper with its Line Managers around the Council’s recruitment and on-boarding process.

To start with, we took the initiative to examine in detail the current recruitment process to enable closer engagement with the Line Managers.

We then had the approximately eighty Line Managers undertake the exact same assessments that their candidates would likely take. The objective being that they would gain a greater level of insight into the recruitment process from the candidate’s point of view, along with a stronger appreciation around the rigor and benefits of assessment and alignment-to-job-fit for key decision makers. Following the assessments an accredited internal HR consultant debriefed each Line Manager.

And the results?

The Line Managers participating in the debrief/feedback sessions gained a much better understanding around strengths, development areas, preferences, job-fit and performance management.

Follow up workshops

Individual debrief sessions were then followed by several interactive workshops that were specifically designed, developed and delivered for the Line Managers with a Testgrid Psychologist. These sessions focused around:

  • Developing understanding and building awareness around the use of psychometric testing within the recruitment process.
  • Where else in the employee life cycle could data analytics be used?
  • Improved facilitation of decision-making and awareness of merit.
  • Appreciating and understanding workforce diversity.
  • How to grow balanced, inspired and high performing teams.

These sessions received excellent feedback and further sessions are currently being scheduled with the local government council.

Want to know more about our data solutions for local government?

Testgrid uses a scientific approach to talent management by utilising relevant data to support best practice processes in recruitment, development, cultural and gender diversity, social outcomes, performance management and building inspiring workplace cultures.

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