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Introducing our new Competency Assessment: TalentFit

It’s no secret that recruiting new employees is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking – with no absolute guarantee of landing the right candidate for the role.

There are a multitude of excellent psychometric tests and competency assessments available that will make your process more efficient and more accurate. But all too often, despite a candidate doing well in tests and interviews, they may still end up being the wrong fit for your company’s values and culture.

How do you assess competencies and cultural fit at the same time?

For tests and assessments to be truly effective, they must be aligned with your organisation’s own set of unique shared values and workplace culture. This means that the most effective testing methods are customised to your organisation: speaking your language and assessing unique cultural fit.

TalentFit ensures cultural, values-based competency alignment.

TalentFit is the answer: a work-based assessment of not just competencies and skills, but most critically, how well a candidate aligns with your organisation’s unique values and culture. It is a customised competency assessment focusing on qualities such as Executing, Thinking, Communicating, Adjusting, Achieving and Leading.

TalentFit ensures cultural, values-based competency alignment.

TalentFit is an effective and efficient assessment, based on behavioural preferences that explore value and cultural alignment:

  • Up-front screening based on customised competencies and values
  • Cost-effective with fast shortlisting of large volumes of candidates
  • Untimed survey format (approximately 15 minutes in duration)

Why is cultural alignment so important?

The short answer is candidate suitability, loyalty and most critically retainment. The more aligned a candidate is, the more likely they will stay in the role for the long term.

The longer answer is to ensure the overall long-term growth and evolution of your organisation. When you create a cohesive team of dedicated and passionate employees all aligned to shared values and culture, your organisation’s success is almost assured.

Identify and capture best-fit candidates with TalentFit.

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