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Graduate Recruitment - Tapping into Emerging Talent

More and more graduate recruitment is becoming an increasingly critical part of overall business strategy. And each year a new wave of graduates enters into the workforce with fresh-faced enthusiasm, new energy and a fair bit of trepidation.

The increasing challenge for graduate recruiters is to not only find the best candidates, but how to make them stay.

Millennials and their Careers: Pipelines or Pathways?

Only a very short decade ago, a graduate’s career path was a pretty predictable affair. They completed specific courses to earn specific qualifications that then lead to specific careers, with specific organizations. However, in a post-GFC world all that “pipeline”-like predictability has been turned on its head.

Today’s crop of Millennial graduates is a highly digitally savvy generation raised in uncertain economic times. They fully expect that the first job they enter into will probably not be the same one they are in two years time. They’re more adaptable and flexible than their predecessors and expect unpredictability.

This expectation of unpredictability means that Millennial graduates expect their career to take many pathways – rather than a more predictable or traditional “pipeline” approach. They expect that their idea of what constitutes a “dream job” may change several times over their working lives.

Ensuring graduate suitability, loyalty and retainment.

In the next 10 years, Millennial workers will make up 75% of the workforce. To successfully hire and retain these savvy digital natives, graduate recruiters need to make sure that they’re hiring the candidates who are not only a truly great fit for the organisation - but also have the greatest chance of long term engagement and retainment.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the right kind of loyal candidate who will want to stick it out? Testing is the answer.

Testing is the short cut to finding the right graduates.

Tailored, organisation-specific and reliable assessments save time and money on the graduate recruitment and onboarding process. Testing means that behavioural traits and cultural considerations can all be measured prior to hiring, ensuring best fit for your long term business goals.

Psychometric testing and assessments can help you identify a wide variety of traits such as the candidate’s…

  • Ambition and drive to succeed when challenged
  • Passion to get out of bed in the morning
  • Willingness to adapt, learn and develop
  • Interest and passion for your industry
  • Ability to be a flexible part of a team
  • Personal interests and a life outside of work

Ready to take your graduate recruitment strategy to the next level?

Testgrid customises specific psychometric testing solutions to ascertain the best graduate candidates. Testing helps you to quickly identify those candidates who are the best fit and exemplify the values of your organisation.

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