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Smart Seasonal Recruitment Strategies

The secret to successful seasonal recruiting is to approach your campaign with the same objectives as your mainstream recruiting campaigns.

Every new hire must be an exact fit to ensure success.

Companies often approach seasonal recruitment with diluted objectives, frequently compromising quality in favour of volume hires. This can be an expensive and disruptive mistake.

Seasonal staff must embody your company’s ethos and values as wholly as your top-tier permanent hires. Hiring “almost-perfect” staff may leave your employees and organisation at risk of:

  • damage to your brand
  • accidents and injury
  • high staff turnover
  • costly ongoing recruitment drives
  • poor staff performance
  • diminished customer service

Staff motivation and commitment can be an issue due to transitional nature of seasonal employment.

Your employees are the public face of your company no matter what time of year.

Therefore ensuring your staff reinforce positive values such as motivation, conscientiousness and emotional maturity is important.

The transient nature of seasonal employment often produces a lack of employee investment in a company.

The absence of a feeling of ownership and belonging can keep new hires from fully engaging with your customers, thus impacting your customer’s experience.

However, employees who are not inherently aligned with a company’s brand will likely struggle to relate to the values, behaviours and messaging of the organisation.

This effect of this disconnect can be seen in high staff turnover, a decline in safe job performance and even diminished brand value.

The real costs of high staff turnover.

Staff turnover is an unfortunate reality with seasonal recruitment. Finding, hiring and training staff costs time and money and sometimes the results aren’t as positive as we want.

The ideal scenario is to hire once and retain those employees from season to season. But if the employees are the wrong fit, or lacks performance or maturity, it’s back to the beginning of recruitment process again.

How can you mitigate these risks?

The answer is simple. Hire the right people for the job, regardless of the permanence of the position, and you will lessen the risks of damage to your business.

Just because the roles are seasonal doesn’t warrant skipping important testing and assessment steps.