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Smart Seasonal Recruitment Steps

We’ve talked about the importance of hiring the right people for the job, but how do you find the right people for your brand?

Aligning your employees with your company’s brand.

Hiring seasonal staff can, at times, feel like a guessing game. It can take months to find top tier talent who have the right skills and who embody your brand attributes.

All too often companies are forced to compromise on their seasonal staff and hire skills over brand alignment. This, however, puts their brand at significant risk of damage on a number of fronts.

Your employees are on the front line of customer interaction with your brand.

If, like many companies, your staff numbers swell during seasonal highs, a significant percentage of your customers will likely interact with one of these seasonal non-permanent employees.

Employees who may be out of alignment with your brand may misrepresent your brand values and distort messaging.

Of most concern is the potential harm to how your customers perceive your brand. The resulting damage can be extremely costly.

Reduce risk to your brand’s reputation.

In business, brand perception is invaluable and critical for success.

Corporations spend millions every year on safeguards against the dilution of their brand, yet poorly selected seasonal hires can pose a greater risk to brands due to the mismatch of core values, efficiencies, and attributes.

Knowing your customer, who they are and why they engage with your brand, is one of the basic tenets of business marketing. Of equal importance, however, is an understanding of how your employees align with, and in fact promote, your brand.

Your seasonal employees are your most critical brand ambassadors!

Hiring brand-aligned seasonal staff is possible. Here are some simple steps to follow as you are ramping up your seasonal recruitment efforts:

  • Test your candidates for intellectual and behavioural alignment with your brand. These aptitude tests and psychometric tests go a long way to helping you to focus recruitment decisions.
  • Ensure your recruitment messaging resonates with the type of employee you are seeking. For instance, if your brand is aspirational, your messaging would be tailored to appeal to like-minded people.
  • Once hired, solidify the relationship between your brand and your staff so they have a deeper brand understanding can develop a sense of ownership with the brand.
  • If you can establish a deep level of pride in the brand, it has a strong potential to trickle down to a positive customer experience.

Hire brand-friendly staff and you will save costs later.

Talk with Testgrid about how we can help guide your recruitment process to ensure you get the right people for your brand.

We can help you fast-track candidates with the correct values, behaviours and brand-alignment so that you remain competitive in hiring the best talent. Contact us today!