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How Oxygen is breathing new life into the HR sector

The most efficient designs start with a singular vision. This has been the case with Testgrid’s new assessment platform, Oxygen.

Testgrid has been providing on line psychometrictesting to enterprises for more than a decade. Three years ago Testgrid began one of the most ambitious online assessment projects in Australia. Almost all test providers are providing tests on platforms built over a decade ago, which have been patched and adapted to try to keep pace with the innovations that have been occurring online and on mobile devices. As we all know, this is not always the best approach.

At some point you need to shed the baggage of the past and look to the future, which is exactly what Testgrid have done.

Oxygen started with a single question: ‘What if one platform was build to manage the complete Employment Lifecycle?’. They imagined everything from remote interviewing, to competency mapped assessments, compliance training and on boarding, learning and development, performance management and succession planning, all working through the one platform. Although many had sold the idea of complete Talent Management, most hadn’t committed the resources to make it a reality. Testgrid did.