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Capturing the best Mining Engineering Graduates

When you’re dealing with Mining Engineering Graduates, with employment figures of more than 98%, signing graduates before your opposition is always a priority. When everyone is starting to market to Mining Engineering Graduates at similar times and making similar offers, it’s important to find a strategic edge. Online psychometric testing might just be that edge.

Although making contact with graduates as early as possible will always remain a priority, the real priority is processing applicants more efficiently. If you can conduct interviews remotely, with multiple candidates at the same time and rank them according to responses, you can greatly improve your recruitment process.

Once you have shortlisted candidates, more efficient and better quality assessment becomes your next priority. Making evaluations based on qualifications and interviews alone isno longer enough. Online psychometric assessments provide a much deeper insight into an individual’s capabilities. Behavioural assessments measure culture and role fit. Job fit tests are an effective way to screen on specific, relevant content. Cognitive, advanced numerical and general personality gives you a more complete picture of individual’s capabilities.

Another priority of the Mining sector is risk management, with employee safety always on the agenda. Safety assessments help identify those with a propensity for risky behaviour andoffer strategies tomanage it.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the vast number of online assessments from providers and resort to taking the path of least resistance.

Many in the Mining sector have gone down this path and adopted online assessment strategies that are the same as their competitors. Come recruitment time, they may wish theyhad taken a different approach. Testgrid offer that difference by developing individual solutions for each client. With Mining Engineering Graduates employment figures steadily rising, it may be time to think outside the box.