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BigData, big hype, big questions

The HR sector in Australia is about to be bombarded with news of Big Data and how it will allow enterprises to benchmark themselves against their competitors. On the surface, this seems an exciting prospect. Many enterprises would place great value in measuring the effectiveness of their HR strategies against their competitor. But this is where the questions begin. If you are measuring yourself against your direct competitors, how was the data collected? How accurate and up to date is the data? Most concerning of all, if I have access to my competitors data then I have to assume that my data is being supplied to my competitor. This is a disturbing prospect. The value of benchmarking your enterprise against your competitors is nothing compared to the value of protecting your data from your competitors.

Confidentiality aside, philosophically, there is something not quite right with an industry that depends heavily on trust and confidentiality, even contemplating the thought of exchanging information that has been entrusted by candidates and employees. Looking past the hype, is this just a cynical exercise for global players to try and build new revenues, with no consideration for ‘human’ element of what the HR sector represents. You don’t have to believe everything you are fed, and in the case of Big Data, a bit of healthy cynicism may be required.

This opens up yet another question into how the organisations that are pushing Big Data see their clients. There seems to be a trend with global test providers to push their agendas ahead of their client’s needs. Testgrid have delivered many firsts to the Australian HR industry over it’s 13 year history, but our innovation has been driven by the real needs of our clients, not through economic directives of our global parents. Our R&D over the past few years has seen us develop what is (arguably) the worlds most advanced online testing platform. Why? Because it is the most effective way we can help our clients achieve their goals.

The driving force behind our organisation is helping our clients achieve their goals. We would never consider selling our clients data – it is not for sale…at any price. And treat with suspicion any suggestion by any other organisation that this is a good idea. Big Data? We prefer to focus on the little data that delivers real results, one employee at a time.