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We’re THE PEOPLE SPECIALISTS AND market leaders in PSYCHOMETRIC assessment and RECRuitment processes

Providing the latest cutting-edge methodologies and technology in psychometric testing, recruitment strategy and people data.

Our approach is fundamentally different. Our passion is to accelerate organisational performance through data-driven selection and development of people. Our purpose is to increase productivity, diversity and engagement, and accelerate clients’ long-term goals.

- Gerard Ward, Managing Director

When combined, psychology and technology give us a unique insight into how people behave in working situations. We provide this insight to our clients, helping them make effective, data driven people decisions.

Our Core Capabilities

  • PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS - individually tailored to industry and organisation
  • RECRUITMENT PROCESS OPTIMISATION - expertise to ensure organisational growth and success
  • DATA INSIGHTS - to improve hire quality, cultural fit and retention


  • Define and target applicants who are best fit for a role
  • Identify likely high-performers for fast-tracked development
  • Forecast future team-gaps and proactively manage talent
  • Profile and leverage talent
  • Engineer smart recruitment processes

What makes us different?

  • We are the only product-agnostic provider in the industry which means we impartially guide our clients to use only the most current and appropriate best-practice tools and tactics
  • Psychometric testing goes beyond recruitment, test results are valid for 24 months and can be utilised for the on-boarding and development of new hires
  • We have collected and analysed over 15 years of people data
  • We provide 24/7 support to candidates and customers

We’ve been around a long time.

Testgrid was established in 1999 in conjunction with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to facilitate one of the first Australian transitions from paper to online testing. Since then we have grown in experience, knowledge and skill of enabling organisations to achieve sustained people success and return on investment.